Jungle Rot "Full Metal Rot" Hoodie

Dr. Fill
Mon, 09/01/2017 - 03:06

Jungle Rot "Full Metal Rot" Hoodie, love the back print on this. Out of all the items I own, this has the coolest story. I fly from Portland to Chicago on a 12-4 AM flight, wait five hours for my rental car, drive to Wisconsin, by this time I'm exhausted. I'm out there to play some shows with Jungle Rot and I'm nervous. I show up, tune the drum kit and set it up for rehearsal. By the time I get to bed I've been up about 48 hours. I get 2 rehearsals with the band to play an 18 song set. The day of the first show, we stop at Victory Records. For a second I feel like royalty as Dave says "You want something? What do you want? Put it on my tab!" I pick out this hoodie and the merch guy for Victory says "It's on the house." I get back to the van and Geoff and Jimmy say "Hey, I don't have that one!" Moments later I get to the show and realized I forgot to bring my drum triggers, and immediately snapped back into the real world of "Yeah, I'm not a cool rockstar" as I quickly formulated a plan to not get fired. I'll never forget that.

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Love the hoodie! And being born and raised in Kenosha, I love hearing these stories you have with them! A hometown favorite band for sure!

Dr. Fill

Thanks man! Really? Small world! Dave is from there and the band still rehearse there to this day, kind of the hometown heroes I guess? Not a ton of metal from there I suppose? Dave's also sort of well-known locally for being a really sought after hunting guide for that gun club just east(?) of the highway. Yeah I'm not from there obviously haha!


Definitely hometown heros. I mean Lazarus A.D. were from here as well but ya, there's not too much metal from around here...

And on top of being known for his hunting knowledge, the Matrise family is actually really well known here. I know plenty of people who know the name outside of JR fans.

It's pretty cool to be talking with somebody from the inside. Haha!

Dr. Fill

I guess maybe I remember someone saying that about Laz AD but just forgot. Yeah I know Dave's mother and sister are still in the area, his dad died many years ago but his grandparents were also community staples. You still around the area? I'd never been to Wisco before, actually really nice in the fall! A bit flat but nice and green and it seems like there's a lot of good hard working people which is awesome. Yeah pretty awesome chatting!


I still live here. I've always liked it here despite the shitty winters we have but overall it is nice here, especially like you said in the fall. I love that it still has the small city vibe even though we have 100,000 people here.

And I've never been to Oregon so I guess were not that different there. Hahaha

Dr. Fill

Nice, well we should kick it if I'm back around sometime! I get that, similar to Salem, OR in my mind, it's right by the water, 120,000 people, everything you want is there, and close, no traffic. That's an appealing size and geographical location as you're an hour from the city. Yeah we don't have winters as harsh as yours but they can be lame, we have two feet of snow right now.


Definitely. That'd be awesome! And that sucks about all that snow. There hasn't been too much so far this year but it's been horribly bitter cold... Most days being in the negatives. But you do get used to it somewhat. Haha


damn...i didnt know there is a hoodie of this design, i have the Tshirt..and its great!!! :D


Which TShirt?

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