Iron Maiden RIP promo

Fuggle74Fri, 20/04/2018 - 13:41

One of the rarest Maiden shirts of the 90's.
Never sold in stores. Printed exclusively for the staff at RIP magazine in the US.

Not for sale or trade
Iron Maiden RIP promo
Iron Maiden RIP promo

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Recent Comments

  • I think it's a boot. What song is this image related to? I got it because of course it does look great.
  • Yeah he’s the one that told me where to find it! lol
  • I wouldn’t count the boot lol
  • Proper, thanks for the tip!
  • Another classic shirt
  • That's a boot? Fuck! Iron Maiden Holdings should get hold of the template, it's gorgeous
  • Appreciate it man! I got it off the bandcamp site with the LP and 7”
  • This looks awesome! Nicely detailed
  • Killer shirt, indeed!
  • Fuck dude I've been looking for one of these for ages... where did you snag it?
  • Maybe the super stripe version and the modern bootleg version?
  • What are the other 2 versions?
  • Thank you ! Same here, the only time I've seen it was when I got it from SolveMyMath user
  • Obituary looks different can you post a picture?
  • Logo looks woven but the rest is printed?
  • Never seen that Benediction before. Nice collection.


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