Immortal Damned in Black longsleeve

Sun, 16/07/2017 - 19:22

Pm me if you're interested size XL

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Immortal Damned in Black longsleeve
Immortal Damned in Black longsleeve
Immortal Damned in Black longsleeve


our birthday We made it !!! 10th Birthday is here!!

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  • hehehehe
  • yeah :D and finaly i got the first album too..hehe
  • u didnt even know it?...i was even posting here on the forum about this tour...and asked if some1 could grab me a shirt.
  • i would love to see them again now with their new album, its so fucking good :D...i guess..ull have a great time again a
  • oh yes..great one :D i have uploaded 'The Wild!'..u must check this guys out..., great band too!
  • yep..just can agree
  • i must say....i wasnt rly happy with this album, but it is 'ooookkkkeeyyy' ........the other one (sweven) is c
  • ahm...yeah..haha..u got me ;P
  • thx a lot :)
  • oh u should give them a try on stage....i bet they are great :D would love to see them too..the new album is fantastic
  • Awesome!! One, two, FUCK YOU!!!
  • i bet...live it is much greater then on CD (the new ones)...but i still dont like their new albums.., this demo is like
  • Killer boxset & again very cute kitty!!
  • oh i bet..it was killer..hehe
  • seems we dont have many fans of GoI here on TSS...im rly surprised....i rly love their stuff...still looking for the fir
  • haha..thx dude :)


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