Iced Earth Tour 1998 Shirt The Watcher

Thu, 22/12/2011 - 04:30
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Recent Comments

  • The back is better than the front.:-D Great find!
  • Great diversity in bands. Couldn't pass up giving flames for the Turtles inlay.;-)
  • Very nice Demo..
  • The Crestfallen is really, really amazing.
  • Killer release, no need to feel ashamed ha!
  • I enjoy Serenades, Eternity, Crestfallen. None of which you have here!
  • Love both Arghoslent and GBK
  • I think it is a great photo!
  • Jag har inte heller kunnat förstå det där med email-adress på en black metal-tröja alltså: skraträttande om inte stört..
  • History for metal!
  • Finns det nån värre blemma på en tröja än en hemsideadress?
  • Thanks man!! I really appreciate that!
  • Köpte den på Tradera för circa 2 år sedan, Medium..Kan vara du..Jag trivs i den:)
  • Not that huge on Manson, He's made some good songs though. This shirt however looks really good.
  • Been real tempted to grab one and see how it goes over at shows hah
  • I remember I bought it cos it was produced by Keith Olsen, at that time one of best melodic hard rock producer around.

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