Iced Earth Shirt Tour of the Wicked 1999

Thu, 22/12/2011 - 04:36
Not for sale or trade



A lot of these shirts you've added I haven't seen since the owner of Iced Realm pulled a bullshit and killed the site. Quite nice to see these again. :)


aaah tanks for telling me the name of the site again:) i know that guy, sad that he killed it. just couldN#t remember the site's name


Geez, it was so long ago that I barely remembered it myself. He had a lot of cool shit on that site too...


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Recent Comments

  • Fuck yes! They were so amazing the other night!!!!
  • Killer as fuck band! Seen em open for Cannibal Corpse. Fantastic album, Fucking love it.
  • Good job!!!
  • Yeah it is. Ooo I have to go to that Tavern!!! Killer interview!
  • fantastic!!!!!
  • lethal
  • Myönnettävä on että välillä ostan paidan taikka patchin ennen kun saan levyn hankittua itselleni.
  • Was a killer bundle! Hope from 'The Goat Tavern TV' that they may return!
  • Jees, vanhaa Death selkämerkkiä oon ettiny jo pidempään, ja tää sattui kohdalle.
  • Mitä jos kiertuepaita on ainut vaihtoehto?
  • For me one of the most boring - and yes: overrated - Bands of all time.
  • promopaita aina mieluiten eikä kiertuepaita.
  • Mikä vitun bändipaita poliisi tuo Panthorder on oikein on? Mielummin aito kiertuepaita kuin joku feikki.
  • Great!
  • Which is MY favorite Lizzy Song! Epic Metal Blueprint here.
  • killer!

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