Hades - Again Shall Be 1994

Mon, 11/12/2017 - 09:48

Hades - Again Shall Be 1994 Full Moon Productions. New and unworn condition.

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Pretty sweet.

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good to see someone appreciates this amazing band!

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  • Thanks my friend !! Cheers. \m/
  • Hey, sehr geil! Da war ich auch! Hab auch das shirt...ist bei mir nur ziemlich verwaschen.
  • Damn nice, looks amazing!
  • Fuck yeah!!!! The Inferior devoties & pleasure of molestation clips were on high rotation when I was a kid!!!
  • Yes a killer one... Thanks for the flames! \m/
  • Congratulations on finding this beautiful patch. It also took me many years to get.
  • Indeed they are, incredible band!
  • Indeed and I had many hesitations before to sell all these stuff and items "my precious"!
  • Killer! Never seen it with that backprint
  • Tenho sim!
  • Hi! Do you still have the Wintersun patch? I saw the post some days ago but can't find anymore
  • Fkn killer!
  • Now for the next hunt! that would have been an amazing tour
  • Nice!
  • Their best release for me. Outstanding bit of merch, that print is huge!
  • Hi! Ship to Brazil? I'm interested!