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Tue, 13/09/2016 - 21:56

Official shirt sold by the band on tour some time a few years ago, not exactly sure when. I've booked them on nearly every west coast tour they've played and they've given me a lot of shirts, it blurs together a bit. Great design featuring an image of members of an irregular fighting force wearing balaclavas on the front, with a classic quote from the 1989 fil version of The Punisher, staring Dolph Lundgren, on the back. Worn once or twice. Size Large.

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  • BTW, do you know why this NPP closed? Because its the same reactor like in Cherbobyl NPP :)
  • Got this from a freind for small money. Don't know if it's an official one.
  • I agree
  • Thanks. I did my very best ✌
  • Amazing! Never seen one before.
  • me too. Played hundred of hours all stalker series \m/ try autumn aurora 2 mod. Fucking awsome.
  • some soldiers patrolling around, but they don't care :) maybe I don't look like terrorist :)
  • Love that Dismember square.... so cool!
  • Thanks duder!
  • I have one of these but I'm pretty sure mine is a bootleg.
  • Priest,. Blue Poster, Rainbow, Helloween, Kiss on hold!
  • Unfortunately not. But from numerous live audio & video recordings, you can hear how much they matured musically.
  • Amazing
  • Bad ass dude! How was security around the place, any guards?
  • This is amazing Where did you get it?
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