Graveworm ~ Eternal Winds LS

Tue, 10/01/2017 - 18:16

LS for their 1997 demo, Eternal Winds. Is mint. I love how absurdly cheesy the back print is.


Not for sale or trade


Dr. Fill

Hard to find, I actually have this one...where did you get yours?


Popped up on eBay and I happily snapped it up. Of all the Graveworm LS's though, my favorite is https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/graveworm-when-daylights-g...

Dr. Fill

Huh, weird. Yeah I don't think I have any hope of locating that one, never seen another anywhere.


I had that demo tape back in 1997, but gave it to a friend and never saw it again! Love these songs!


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  • Give me this for malevolent creation ;)
  • Send pm?
  • Holy fuck that's cool
  • Thats what im talking about. Enjoying life and having a good time.
  • Awesome shirt to Awesome album.
  • Thats one sweet flag.
  • my favorite queensryche song is I dream in infrared, but they have a lot of good songs, i agree that they are maidenish
  • Damn, thanks for checking for me. I haven't seen those two movies yet.
  • unfortuantely no is sold out!
  • i bought it,from scarey store\foad records,dunno if still available if yes it cost 1 eu! and i'll let you know ;)
  • Got this one also. How did you get it signed?
  • I always figured Anubis was a maiden fan.
  • Random Weiner on the bottom left.
  • Sick evil dead patch, I want one.
  • Is this new?
  • nice masterball, this is a great vest, but you should still make a lacuna coil tribute vest id love to see one of those.

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