Enslaved Hordanes Land Longsleeve

Thu, 22/02/2018 - 01:36

Enslaved’s debut EP, Hordanes Land, was one of the first black metal albums to ever grace my ears. I was instantly hooked upon hearing the melodic landscapes painted by Ivar Bjornson’s guitar chords and eerie synth openings, Grutle’s haunting abysmal screams, and Trym’s wall of beating drums resembling an oncoming horde. It was monumental to my amateur ears, and I quickly became entrances by the atmosphere created by its raw yet well-crafted pieces. It was the perfect combination of enchanting and brutal that I needed to hear at that time of my life, and it remains one of my favorite black metal releases to this day.
Long story short I could not pass up the opportunity to have this legendary album artwork on a long sleeve shirt when I came upon it at a recent show, the Decibel Magazine tour of 2018 featuring Enslaved alongside American doom metallers Khemmis and black metal purveyors Wolves In The Throne Room. It’s a size large, features the artwork and original band logo on the front, another logo and quote on the back (google translates the phrase to “life have our battles to come” so I assume it’s something close but not quite that... if anyone knows a better translation please share!!!) along with more band logos in red on one sleeve and the album name on the opposite sleeve.

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  • True, Filosofem is an amazing and timeless classic....
  • Thank you for selling me this Mayhem flag!
  • I no it comes with one that’s why I said damn no poster didn’t take the time to read your description my bad
  • This shit is fucking legendary
  • Do not only do u want some of the rarest patches you have conditions for the people that would hypothetically offer them
  • Very nice!
  • Just checked the shirt in your collection.. And from the picture already it seems like a heavy print!
  • Moonfogilta muistaakseni joskus ysärillä :D
  • What about rubber and metal patches? :P
  • maybe its just too much paint, and thin tshirt)))
  • I'm pretty sure it's the same way as your ND and Terrorizer shirt.. Rough but ok.
  • Thanks! It's because I want to show my favourites of games on the battlevest.
  • I remember the super true ones...almost none of them is even a metalhead nowadays. Although very few are.
  • printed patches are ugly, only the woven and sticked are the greatest \m/ Both!
  • Just like the album! \m/
  • Well... i guess in the late 90ies everyone wanted to be true and kvlt here in guadalajara...
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