Elffor - shirt Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma

Wed, 01/03/2017 - 02:32

Getting Elffro shirts back once again into my collection. Rather plain and ugly shirt, but Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma is one of the most satisfying epic black metal albums of all time! Even tops a lot of Summoning's creations.

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Dr. Fill

Elffor is freaking awesome. My personal favorite is Son Of The Shades, breathtaking soundscapes and imagery he conjures up with that one.


The title track Sun of the Shades is an amazing song and my fav on the album. But Id say this comp cd is my fav Elffor album.

I actually have an original copy of Into the Dark Forests I paid way too much for back when I had money. The only Elffor albums I still have yet to get are Unblessed Woods, From the Throne of Hate, and Frostbitten Pain



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