der stürmer "SH" shirt

Fri, 25/08/2017 - 19:53


Not for sale or trade
der stürmer "SH" shirt
der stürmer "SH" shirt


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Imagination zero

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Der Sturmer is pretty much the poster child for stock, edgy nsbm. What did you expect?

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

I have a zine from 96 with an interview from that jak off when he was operating is shitty synth project lamentation. Shows a picture of him in a long cape trying to look like Dracula. Cites himself as a fan of Cradle of Filth, Lorrena McKennit, and Manowar among other things. Talks a lot about how cool he thinks vampires are with their 'dark romanticism'. Then says "real men love war! war is great!" Instant qualifier for not ever having been to war.

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Guaranteed replies, the shirt hahahah

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So edgy.

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Pretty interesting, I take it these gents are students of the teachings of the Buddha?

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Nazi scum!

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You can always jump from a bridge!!!

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As deplorable as the political ideology behind this shirt is, it's a good thing this got posted. Nazi's deserve all the contempt that's coming their way, and outing themselves just makes it easier for the rest of us to know who's not deserving of any respect.
I find it funny though how this guy is also the top Atari Teenage Riot collector on this site, by a rather wide margin. Wear this shirt to one of their shows and get your shit kicked in.

Noir.666's picture

I ask myself why this hasn't been deleted yet???


Der Todesking's picture

There are lots of swastikas on the site, it's not forbidden! We are not in Germany here (apparently we 2 are lol, but you know what I mean...)! Don't get me wrong, I hate that crap too!

VoodooChild's picture

+1 !

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pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

Another proof that nsbm bands visuals are truly boring as hell. Just take any old german romantic painting and make it dark greyscale and put a sunwheel over it.

The only good nazi is a dead nazi

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

Wont that shirt get u arrested in germany for wearing it in public? As its a display of nazi symbols?

Der Todesking's picture

Swastikas are forbidden in Germany, that's right!

VoodooChild's picture

While I must say I am not a fan of der Stürmer, National-socialism, or anything discriminating or racist in general I don't support the claims that it should be deleted. I don't see TSS as a politically correct save site but as a place to share extreme music merch. How wrong the ideas behind the band are or not.

Knightwhosayni's picture

Phew. I was worried that the last uploads of nazi propaganda (I mean, a music shirt, this? Even Der Stürmer was originally a prop' tabloid as you know - all in all this shi(r)t makes for a nice Streicher cover, innit?) were going unnoticed, asking myself where all the reasonable users of this honorable website were gone. And then, a handful of your reactions. Cheers, lads.

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1.) to me TSS serves as an archive in the first place, like encyclopaedia metallum for merchandise.
nobody would seriously insist that a band should be deleted from metal archives because of its lyrical content.

2.) der stürmer plays blackmetal - blackmetal is art - in art everything is permitted - i love extreme art.

3.) who let pavlov's dogs out?

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+5 for rustled jimmies

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Simple and to the point I love it

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FUCK NAZIS ! ! ! !

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say no to this scum!!!

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Good shit! I need to get the Adolf der große shirt that was floating around a while back.

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Edgy shit

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Go away nazi scum from metal

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Great band, but not their best design I think.


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