Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus

Wed, 25/09/2013 - 11:18

rarely wear, size: XL. price: 12€ + shipping. paiement: paypal or bank transfer.(I prefer bank transfer)

Sale only
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus


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Recent Comments

  • Absolutely agree, its a Moyen art I think?
  • Thanks for the flames!
  • \m/
  • I honestly knew only of one, that was sold on their tour with Absu.
  • You don't see them around often indeed. But when they do show up, they're pretty cheap.
  • When autumn comes I listen quite a bit to bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Tristania, Nightwish and so
  • what a pitty it seems like impossible to get merch from all those great polish bands in germany... great band!!!
  • Nice!! I brought mine second hand from a metal head back home haha, Glad to see someone else loves it like me.
  • sick album! great band! nice shirt!
  • Awesome band and great shirt! I got that in olive. btw: any idea what "spierdalac" means?
  • I bought Live Legacy from a schoolmate back in 2006 or so.
  • Very nice!
  • Exactly, If you moshed with me whilst I wore my genre kutte you'd have the holes in your body instead...I have over
  • I guess, and it's not that bad. Just some holes in one of the pits. I think it's by far their weakest album.
  • *crying of laughter*
  • Your Mums dog has nice taste haha. Not my favourite album by any means but it is a great shirt.

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