Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus

Wed, 25/09/2013 - 11:18

rarely wear, size: XL. price: 12€ + shipping. paiement: paypal or bank transfer.(I prefer bank transfer)

Sale only
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus


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Recent Comments

  • very nice shirt, great album this one.
  • this is a beauty, great design
  • haha, they were drooling, killer, this sort of sounds like something very much here in Aus, we have a saying called a &#
  • Thanks Nater!!
  • Thanks man, I removed what I wrote here because it was damn long haha, a torture to read!
  • Great!
  • The original 83 crew shirt! Fukn awesome \m/
  • Yeah the quality on this thing is fucking solid. Bluegrape produced some amazing merch for Fear Factory
  • Where did you got it from? Need one as well
  • Very nice patch!
  • Badass band! \m/
  • awesome!
  • Ughhhh, So fucking bad ass!!! Great stuff mate.
  • Awesome collection!!!
  • Fantastic patch
  • Some great taste in Doom! I saw a Borrowed Time patch the other day, Can try find the link on my PC at home and link yo

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