Burzum - Aske Shirt

Into Glory Ride
Thu, 25/05/2017 - 23:10

Not sure if this is an original or not, since it has no Misanthropy trademark or anything.

I do not really want to get rid off it but it is just too big unfortunately... so make me an offer, and we will see.


Sale or Trade


Ravishing Grimness

Awesome.If not a Misanthropy sigil is on it I wouldnt know if it is official.Most definitely an awesome gem

Into Glory Ride

Yeah i think the same, original or not, it is a Killer Shirt and much better than the newer boots.


Just great! Sadly too big for me also.

Into Glory Ride

It is , thank You!


Have you ever thought about getting it resized to fit? Usually not too expensive.

Into Glory Ride

Yeah, surely did. I just don't know if it looks good from XL to S / M.
The financial part should indeed not be the problem. Thanks for flamin'!

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