Blistering Defilement Logo Shirt

Mon, 18/07/2016 - 00:34

Blistering Defilement Logo shirt, I got this at their 3rd show ever

Not for sale or trade


kavdeath's picture

thanks for coming out however long ago that was. i should be uploading all the current designs sometime soon.

ChristMolester's picture

Man I wanted to get more from ya you guys also had a Promo CD or something but all i could afford was the shirt :P
what else do you have???? I believe I saw you at the Parasitic Ejaculation show

kavdeath's picture

we have a bunch of different color combination logo shirts as well as a couple more full fledged designs with more on the way. we're in the middle of recording our full length right now. we've got a bunch of shows coming up in the coming months also. and hey, if you haven't seen us since, we're a full 5 piece now.

ChristMolester's picture

Nice!! Ad me on shitbook for updates. Yea i believe it was just 3 of ya when I saw you guys. Man no more demo cds??? :(


kavdeath's picture

cool, just added you. i think we still have a couple of the cds sitting around, or you might be able to find one of the last couple copies at grindstate records. we're just concentrating on tracking the full length right now anyway so it's fallen out of print.

ChristMolester's picture

Shit don't think I got it? An they're sold out i feel you on that but its more for the corrector in me and rarity, oh and the music :P

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  • Those Entombed and Dismember debut albums (not forgetting Carnage's "Dark Recollections" of course) are w
  • now you're talking proper Enslaved ;) cheers !
  • looks really nice man!! was this purchased from a Brazilian eBayer ? ;)
  • Another great find mate!!!!
  • Bloody journalists... always taking advantage of their position. Hahahah!
  • No problem. Google translate can be a bitch sometimes.
  • Awesome band and a great shirt!
  • so nice!
  • badass shirt! when i saw them they didnt have any shirts with Waite Uziga artwork on em.. such a shame.
  • It's "The Den" at The Civic Hotel in Perth. One of the main live venues for metal in the city!
  • Thanks. It's now on my winter fur coat.
  • sick!! wish i had this shirt!
  • Cool pin! It almost looks like Slayer were testing out a mascot character. Could be connected to a specific album maybe?
  • tough and simple
  • looks like a cool venue!
  • beautiful


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