Black Sabbath T Shirt- Flying Demon

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:39
Not for sale or trade


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Recent Comments

  • Fucking awesome! I love their older merch! But to be fair, their newer stuff is still good.
  • Thanks mate
  • Thanks mate
  • Fuck yeah, clean desing, love it
  • One of my favs
  • Offer
  • there's not a weak track on this album, so many killer riffs, fast drums and the vocals are great, their best album
  • thank you Jeff, i was amazed to find it on here, dogmatize92 had it up for sale and i couldn't believe my eyes, it
  • ive been waiting for this one...nothing more Aussie...cheers.
  • incredible shirt, their best album by far
  • beautiful longsleeve, i have the exact same but as an Aussie tour
  • very nice, killer artwork on this one.
  • incredible shirt, such a great album
  • Where you got the BP from?
  • I do not remember DANZIG
  • I was there My 1th GREAT FESTIVAL METAL!!!! Cool CREW! :)

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