Bewitcher Satanic Magick Attack Tour 2018 Shirt

Sat, 23/06/2018 - 04:33

Saw the guys in Bewitcher play as part of the Hell's Heroes Festival in Houston but stupidly forgot to pick up some of their sick merch at their table after they played. So I hit them up on their Instagram page and asked them to save me a shirt in my size for after the tour ended, and they were awesome about it and actually did. Major props to Bewitcher for being such an amazing band! If you haven't heard of them you should definitely check them out.

Not for sale or trade
Bewitcher Satanic Magick Attack Tour 2018 Shirt
Bewitcher Satanic Magick Attack Tour 2018 Shirt


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  • Schade, dass der rote Horrorscope-Schriftzug unten leicht abgeschnitten ist. Ansonsten ein bombastisches Motiv
  • This is fuckin great! Love their old 7" EP so any new material will be radical
  • I agree with you. It's poetry.
  • I agree! This band always had many vectors to them.
  • Awesome t-shirt, you don't see too many listeners of this band, pretty underrated, it's fucking weird that qua
  • Bathory's Viking era is amazing!
  • Great band, awesome t-shirt and band, seen them live, THRASH AND BEER !
  • Thanks! One of my favourite shirts.
  • Really great, love it, rock on !!!
  • Very cool! Piece of history right there!
  • Thanks man!
  • Wowh! High five
  • Nice one!
  • Fin som snus!
  • Thanks a lot!
  • "tourS dates" ist auch ganz nett, haha.
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