Anorexia Nervosa "New Obscurantis Order" LS

Dr. Fill
Wed, 11/01/2017 - 07:13

Anorexia Nervosa "New Obscurantis Order" LS, mint deadstock circa 2001, size XL. This band and their imagery have always been controversial and I will literally never wear this, PM me if you're interested!

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I got a few questions when I wore mine.

Dr. Fill

Did they involve phone calls to the FBI because I feel like this borders on child exploitation?


Haha, thankfully not. Mostly just quizzical looks, and was asked what does it mean by a cashier. I just told them it was a band - my go to answer when I'm wearing a controversial shirt and asked about it.

Dr. Fill

Yeah it's good to have some vague rebuttal handy in these types of situations.


PM me the measurements?


HI are you still this longsleeve for buy because i'm really interested to buy please contact me in private thank you

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  • Ah, ok. Thought you never seen them. But you meant the time;-)
  • Is it still available?
  • Cool! Never seen the Tokyo Tapes with golden thread on it before
  • Woah, now that is an old post.... Are those patches still available? Or still for sale?
  • thanks :) Ive tons of maiden pins,still i prefer to use it without them to avoid losses
  • Where did you find this one?
  • Awesome! All you need is some pins!
  • Oh I've caught him twice since then dude, once in his home state of New Jersey and the other at Hellfest.
  • Thanks!
  • Great one!
  • Keep my fingers crossed that you'll have the chance to see them one day!
  • Yeah it's in very good condition. Thanks for the fire mate!
  • Great album!
  • I wish I caught that. I was 14 at the time and these guys never came to Ireland unfortunately
  • Cool \m/ Saw the show @ Hannover:-)
  • War ja allgemein damals immer 'ne Kunst an gute (und ungeschnittene) Streifen zu kommen. Und dann gab's die Ko


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