Anorexia Nervosa "New Obscurantis Order" LS

Dr. Fill
Wed, 11/01/2017 - 07:13

Anorexia Nervosa "New Obscurantis Order" LS, mint deadstock circa 2001, size XL. This band and their imagery have always been controversial and I will literally never wear this, PM me if you're interested!

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I got a few questions when I wore mine.

Dr. Fill

Did they involve phone calls to the FBI because I feel like this borders on child exploitation?


Haha, thankfully not. Mostly just quizzical looks, and was asked what does it mean by a cashier. I just told them it was a band - my go to answer when I'm wearing a controversial shirt and asked about it.

Dr. Fill

Yeah it's good to have some vague rebuttal handy in these types of situations.


PM me the measurements?


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  • From the picture it does not shows but you know better, i have a Rage tshirt with the same problem but i don't mind
  • one of my favourite shirts ever, really need to get my hands on one.
  • Yeah...but sadly the front is a little bit missprinted...its not centered.
  • Beautiful, again ,those colors !!!
  • Awesome one, i lost this one two times in e-bay auctions, after that never seen it for sale.
  • Can you suck my DIG? stupid idiot!?!?!
  • Can you suck my DIG? stupid idiot!?!?!
  • Classic !
  • Beautiful, i have a reprint but mine doesn't have sleeve print.
  • Wicked !
  • Excellent, interesting sleeve print !
  • Ancient!
  • This is a treasure !
  • Cool shirt! I think it'd be cooler if the logo wasn't on there five times, but everything else works.
  • Indeed. One of my all time favourite Slayer shirt designs.
  • Sadly you´re damn right. Today designs just suck imo.

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