Anathema Eternity Large Shirt

Fri, 19/05/2017 - 07:18

So I managed to get a rare shirt of one of my favorite former metal bands anathema. Instead of getting a silent enigma shirt I wanted the eternity shirt but ended up paying a large sum of money on eBay. But it was worth it, it's a real gorgeous shirt and I'm satisfied with the find.

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Anathema Eternity Large Shirt
Anathema Eternity Large Shirt
Anathema Eternity Large Shirt



Very cool one. I need to get into this band it's up my alley


If you want something hard I recommend the silent enigma. It's Gothic but it's when they were still at their death/doom stage. But this album eternity is a must, though it's a little melodic but it's very gothic and atmospheric, real gloomy stuff. I would say serenades but that's a pure death/doom album


I had it qued up in spotify but they took it off -_-


Come on screw that, I always go on youtube


What I am gonna have to do.

Der Todesking

Hey man I have been listening to Anathema for the past few months and they are killer. I ended up getting a ptch for them and will probably pick up a few cds when I decide which are my favourites.


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks my friend! Great band, i agree!
  • Yeah these boxes are ruining my economy, but i can't resist them : )= Cheers mate1
  • Awesome shirt.Saw them only once and hopefully more to come.They give away 100% full live energy in shows
  • Daaaamn awesome. This one still available?
  • rally like the Malignant Tumour patch.
  • Awesome longsleeve.
  • Awesome frontprint.Too bad the back is less.
  • Cool!
  • Yesssss we all dig Masters of the Universe !
  • thx that will be a challenging item for sure
  • thx the fabric is just incredibly silky and it shines on camera obviously, World Cup 94 or 98?
  • These were sold as Football / Soccor Jerseys.
  • Thought i would give this a BUMP, so people can see the amazing handywork again.
  • The Brazil patch at the bottom is velcro and can be moved around on the vest.
  • Thx mate!
  • really cool!


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