Amon Amarth - Vs the World Longsleeve

Into Glory Ride
Sat, 11/06/2016 - 20:25

Amon amarth Longsleeve.
Perhaps for sale, i am not sure yet. Make Your offers and we will see.

Sale or Trade


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Great LS mate!

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Thanks! This was their last good album in my opinion.

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Yeah, great shirt... but what about Fate of Norns ^-^

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Didn't like anything after Vs. the World really. When i first heard Pursuit of Vikings, i thought they were fucking joking...

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Hahaha synchronized headbanging is not for everyone I suppose


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  • What tag does that shirt have?
  • beautiful
  • True dedication. All hail the Cult!
  • Not bad, but Tomb Of The Mutilated would be so much, uh, "sexier"! ;-)
  • https://printednaps.com/products/cannibal-corpse-butchered-at-birth-bedding-set?variant=5234562695197
  • You are very welcome yourself! May it adorn your jacket in your German travels!
  • Oh I got another one, the one with the skeleton fondling its own guts. Haha awesome!
  • I was curious what this shirt would cost for shipping to the US or what you're interested in for trades? Thanks!
  • Cool shirt, great front cover artwork !
  • Size on this? What kind of stuff are you looking for in trades?
  • Great pin!! Very nice!!
  • Wow! Haha, that's fantastic. That would suit any bedroom decor. Hahaha. Love it.
  • You're so welcome, and cheers for the patch! \m/
  • That is fuckin excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you my friend!
  • 666


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