Abigor - Nachthymnen-From the Twilight Kingdom longsleeve

Wed, 20/09/2017 - 23:43

Very rare

Not for sale or trade


Joel's picture

Fuuuck man, that is an amazing album and shirt.

TheSabbathsCreed's picture

Were you the high bidder mate???

emperialmassacre's picture

Yeah got all 4 of the ones he was selling

ArchonSatanic's picture

You got this on ebay? I search Abigor shirts every week and I never saw this.

emperialmassacre's picture

It was on German eBay. I search German, British, French, Italian, and Australian eBay everyday

ArchonSatanic's picture

Damn, you work hard for what you have.

DrkForests's picture

You set up automated searches on eBay, so that you get notified if something with your keyword(s) appear? Is that the best way?

emperialmassacre's picture

I just type various band names and then shirt or longsleeve and include the words rare or vintage

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Recent Comments

  • that fuckin rocks!
  • Thanks. And I love your nickname. =)
  • wow...keep it sealed in ziplock bag :) This is legendary!
  • Have the exact same shirt! Full flames!
  • Nice! Welcome! If you got any suggestions for the site, just drop me a message
  • Nnnnnoooooooooo ha ha damn!! Blame the dog!
  • Been signed up for a while just never thought bout listing stuff but this sight is awesome. Good to see a friend on here
  • Ha ha cuuuuuuuuuuittteeee
  • Yup I bumped into a guy who had this in his garage since 77 in a tote box.
  • Anything new on here the last few years?
  • Looks solid!
  • Use the obvious Ask about a trade or sale link at the top
  • Hi. Are you still trying to sell these? I am interested in the Wolf patch if it is still available.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • really cool, I would use one side for lunch and the other one for dinner to hidden stains :))
  • MIM distro cleared out some old archive stuff years back, they sold most of it off :-)
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