Abigail - Infernal street metal bitch - lim.edit.Set

Thu, 18/08/2016 - 19:03

Abigail's - Infernal street metal bitch - Tshirt + Tape - lim.edit. 50copies.
Thx to 'hell66692' for the tip!
btw. dude...now - its sold out :P

Not for sale or trade
Abigail - Infernal street metal bitch - lim.edit.Set
Abigail - Infernal street metal bitch - lim.edit.Set
Abigail - Infernal street metal bitch - lim.edit.Set


gloriousdeath's picture

ah, that looks... hot !!!!!!!!

meaningless's picture

yeah...just great and it was bloody cheap imo. 23 Euro or something

Nater90's picture

Tits and Metal, Has to be Markus.

meaningless's picture

for sure for sure :D u know me :D

WARCULT's picture

Dick is out!

meaningless's picture


Dr.Machen's picture

Abigail is fucking metal awesome tshirt

meaningless's picture

thx very much dude :)

Yabok's picture

Sickest fucking shirt I've ever seen man jealous as FUCK hahaha \m/

meaningless's picture

thx for your kind words..hehe..i was pretty lucky to get one...since it was official 'sold out'...

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