25 ta life shirt

Fri, 12/01/2018 - 18:36


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  • That’s some work right there! Great tribute.
  • Great tribute. Still not over that I’ll never see Lemmy play again!
  • Love the old school look. Nice Budgie patch!
  • Pack da noch irgendeine traditionelle Football Mannschaft drauf, die in den 80s/90s erfolgreich waren ...
  • Punisher has released two records on vinyl.
  • Awesome!!! :)
  • Full flames !! :)
  • Come now the dogs of war!
  • Yeeeeeeeesssss...
  • Thanks Joel! See you in the pit this Saturday for you know what...
  • I thought the lettering below the skull pic looked similar to the same type of lettering on "A Cold Blooded Epitaph
  • Awesome.
  • Would love to own one of these... very hard to find!
  • \,,/
  • Love the tribute patches on the back and the metal church backpatch!
  • Me too. I love the way this one fits and feels.