1349 - Beyond the Apocalypse 2004

Sat, 23/09/2017 - 14:30

1349 - Beyond the Apocalypse 2004 Plastic Head Productions. Very Light
use condition.

Long sleeve printed for the second studio album of the Norweigian black metal horde. The albums artwork on the front print, with the the bands insignia logo on both sleeves and a back print of the bands artwork from this era.

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Nater90's picture

Wicked LS cobber!!!!

Did you see them last year? Such a wicked gig!!! Lost my shit when they played Sculptor of Flesh.

Special-Tee-666's picture

Yep sure did. I was the same with Postmortem, so much better live!

Nater90's picture

Nice!!!! Hell yeah, That was epic too.

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Awesome shirt.Saw them only once and hopefully more to come.They give away 100% full live energy in shows

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