Vargrav - Netherstorm LP (Purple with Bonus 7")

Thu, 12/07/2018 - 19:58

Amazing album, I was lucky enough to snag this copy from Hells Headbangers, it's the second pressing but unfortunately the 7" did not come with an outer sleeve! Hells Headbangers recently contacted me to say they had finally got the outer sleeves from the manufacturer (3 months later!) and would send it to me with my next order. I'll add a picture of it to this post when I receive it.

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  • Nice job! "Back To The Future" patch, haha awesome!
  • very cool!
  • damn! wish i had the ls version.
  • classic!
  • Very nice! it even says original.
  • Where can I get a copy?
  • Pestilence still there?
  • oh yes please!! and there's the classic "Brutal ASSault" for the festival here in CZ :)
  • now that's beautiful.
  • Looks great! Will be playing in my town this friday
  • haha same
  • Haha...well that would have been a very suitable name having Dave Holland on drums.....
  • really nice looking patch!
  • very nice patch and a great album!
  • i think its a boot, but looks fucking cool as!
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