ULVER - Bergtatt Vinyl LP [Bootleg]

Sat, 02/02/2013 - 01:12

I saw this Ulver Bergtatt bootleg vinyl on ebay, figured I'd check it out. I didnt pay too much for it.
It plays ok, the artwork sleeve is quite blurry.

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - ULVER - Bergtatt Vinyl LP [Bootleg]
Other Collectable - ULVER - Bergtatt Vinyl LP [Bootleg]


LaUlvenDrepe's picture

I remember seeing this and having it confuse the fuck out of me, haha. I searched the highs and lows of the internet with hopes of it being official... damn. One day...

hellbloodfire666's picture

ya, i sort of didnt give a shit about this when it caught my attention, being that its not official.

I guess I got tempted to check this out, cause I still dont own the boxset of pic-lps.

hungbyintestines's picture

Well mystery solved. Shitty bootleg! I as well had been looking all over the internet for any info on this disc and couldnt find anything! How much did you pay anyway? Ive seen this shit go for like 50-80 dollars.

hellbloodfire666's picture

ya ive seen it go for around 50-80 dollars even more than that. a total ripoff.

I only paid $24 (which is still more than i wanted to pay)

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