Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens - Metal CD Box

Mon, 24/10/2016 - 15:01

Limited Edition Metal Box (NPR 105 LTD)

Not for sale or trade
Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens - Metal CD Box
Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens - Metal CD Box


DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

nice, thats my favorite album of theirs, all their albums are ace tho :)

ThE_ED's picture

Thanks! I figure it's my favorite album as well. This is what got me into them.. not sure where I heard it first. Probably the radio. Went to a Sirenia show as well, 2003 perhaps...

I must admit I don't listen to them as much as I used to...

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

would be cool if it came with a patch or a pin or something, i love their second album a ton too, havent seen them in concert yet but i cant wait to, wanted to see them with birthday massacre but that tour wasnt in my country... also i still listen to them from time to time but i used to non stop when i was in high school


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