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        SATYRICON-Live At The Opera (2015) cd/lp/dvd

        Ravishing Grimness
        Thu, 24/09/2015 - 10:23

        Yesterday in. Satyricon-Live at the opera CD/DVD/LP (2015) Really like the backstage photo with Frost behind the drumkit.Really impressive drumkit, and seriously developed it since the early nineties, 'til something really diverse...Seriously, like mentioned on Facebook once, this band easily could be considered the Metallica of the Black Metal.

        Impressed with the orchestra, which you won't will experience for another lifetime or in this one with such a great band.Reminds me similiar as with ShininG, especially with the guest appearance by Sivert Hoyem.An unnessary release? For me personally,No! Unfortunaly i didn't witnessed it first hand with their live performance in Norway, but guess it must have been a blast for the band, as the power that came with it, from not only SATYR his vocals, but also the choirs, plus the audience, which means ten times the power, and with that the music coming to its full right.Even songs from weaker albums pass by, and immediately can tell the difference.It is more faster, and aggressiver than on the CD, and of course way more powerfuller with the opera on the background.


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        • very nice
        • Yeah you know very young people. Still got their mojo going :)
        • Grey is good too...better than some of those red ones...those destroy my eyes :)
        • You're taking it far too literally I think.
        • me too :-)
        • tough
        • I wish it would be black, rather then burnt-out vintage grey, but even with grey it works perfect for me.
        • Totally! "Slaughter" is full of melody, nevertheless it's heavy at the same time.
        • yes of course. 100% it's a punk & metal classic!!
        • Yes, there is nothing good in praising suicide, but its just their humor style, nothing you can do about it. Hmm, prett
        • Thanks :) probably in the future they will print them again. I mean at the gates is touring and releasing albums
        • They got their priorities straight! Hahahaha
        • yes my friend. its hard to find nowadays.
        • thank you my friend.
        • Some people take this stuff seriously...I saw a fight almost broke out in one of the gigs...someone called some band nu
        • Please clean your lense.. it's like looking through a bar after a million cigarettes


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