Paradise Lost-Medusa Limited box

Thu, 21/09/2017 - 13:44

Medusa limited edition box including:
Medusa album in cd in limited digibook edition
Medusa album on picture disc LP in gatefold
Bonus 7
Fold out poster
12" photocard

Not for sale or trade
Paradise Lost-Medusa Limited box
Paradise Lost-Medusa Limited box
Paradise Lost-Medusa Limited box



looks awesome in Purple


Thanks! Well i think purple and snakeskin are both good :)


Finally received this album yesterday, it's a cracker, plenty of great moments on it, got to love the cover artwork as well.


Yeah it's an awesome album with great doom moments!

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Recent Comments

  • Looks good mate!
  • Whoa, That Graveland BP kicks ass!!! Great taste.
  • Brutal dedication!!! Could you pick your favourite album?
  • Damn rubber patches look epic!!! Nice taste mate.
  • Wicked as fuck taste, Where did you get the Hate Forest patch?
  • Epic as hell update, Turned out great \m/
  • Ahhh so amazing, Wish I could've been at this gig...Was with Cathedral for their farewell tour
  • Bad ass, To small for me though!!
  • Five flames for five very amazing bands!! Still pinching myself that I seen Arcturus this year!
  • absolutely the hoodie ive been looking for... wish it was for sale..
  • Can't wait to see how it all turns out!
  • Love it!!! Great LS. Wish I had this!!!!
  • Simply awesome! added to my favorites
  • You're right man, using machine will damage the patches, and it's cheating hahaha
  • love it!
  • Freaking work. Really awesome


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