Obituary - Slowly we rot - orig.Firstpress CD

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 12:39

Obituary's - Slowly we rot - orig.Firstpress CD, EU Version.

Not for sale or trade
Obituary - Slowly we rot - orig.Firstpress CD
Obituary - Slowly we rot - orig.Firstpress CD
Obituary - Slowly we rot - orig.Firstpress CD


rusty74's picture

their best work, they haven't matched this since.

meaningless's picture

i must agree..also for me, its still the best

gloriousdeath's picture

a classic... what else as full flames ???

meaningless's picture

love it..still my fave :D

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  • what if a man turns into a fish?
  • yeah, great packaging!
  • shit happens, thanks guys for telling me
  • that you're from the US and talking from another member from the US, like funny by chance etc
  • What is hilarious?
  • Sheesh this is so fucking sick
  • moved to battle jackets :)
  • the green is crisp like fukin chicken brah
  • Love it alot. Wish they had a frozen in time patch would love it.
  • Posted this in the wrong section
  • Love the layout!
  • Lemmy would be proud man!
  • Killer. Every time I listen to this album it feels like there's a million songs on it for sone reason.
  • Interesting info! I had put the year when i catch the shirt, hehehe.
  • Go Raiders!! Iā€™m pumped for Gruden as well!
  • Yes DoctorDeath, originally the shirt was in XL size.


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