Nuclear Assault The Plague Vinyl

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 21:50


Not for sale or trade
Nuclear Assault The Plague Vinyl
Nuclear Assault The Plague Vinyl
Nuclear Assault The Plague Vinyl


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Recent Comments

  • Awesome, I only know Peste Noire, They kick ass!
  • Oh nice, Keen as fuck!!! Not long now!!!
  • Oh nice!! Cheers.
  • Most welcome, Sounds good mate.
  • They made this one; https://www.facebook.com/sickpatches/photos/a.1259102687536510.1073741931.713273998786051/1259105407
  • Great one! I also have the LS.
  • hey zebra1niner, is this somehow still up for sale? thank you.
  • Greeeeat sweatshirt my friend, You won me this one by the blink of an eye hahahahahahah
  • :0
  • Awesome colors.
  • yeah I had to buy an XL too which is pretty big at the time as they were out of Ls but I've made it work somehow
  • I always love the 'Simple is More' style, and you pulled it off great!
  • great shit
  • Love those
  • Love this design. Have the LS.
  • One of the best bands of all time! Wish I owned this.


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