LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri

T.N.B.M. Cymbal...
Fri, 04/03/2016 - 14:57

Handmade wooden box with logo burned into the surface, limited to 50 copies (mine is #46)
Contains "Nordisk Blod og Ætt" and "Her Jeg Blir Til Jeg Dør" demos from 2010 & 2012.
And a few extra tracks recorded in 2013.
Includes an A4 poster.

Not for sale or trade
LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri
LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri
LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri
LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri
LIKVANN - Drevet av Raseri


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  • Da das echtes Leder ist habe ich vorher Löcher gestanzt. Hält perfekt.
  • Lovely design!
  • Now that's the problem, people usually interested in bigger bands, and Katalepsy definitely now one of them.
  • Ah, okay, I see. That's gonna confused a few people, I guess. ;D Anyway... do as you will, man. \m/
  • Thanx a lot, man! :) Yeah, good ol' days, huh?
  • Thanks
  • Cheers ...thanks
  • Thanks for the flames.
  • Thank you.
  • Oooooooo, it looks so good!
  • Yeah, thank you!) I'll try to explain, as I mentioned above, "hideous" doesn't really means anythin
  • Hideous in a good way, I mean that artwork is so terrifyingly awesome, I can remember some people were staring it with a
  • Well, the reissue now called "Dark Age" and you can but tour only.
  • Still their best album!
  • Sick movie.
  • Another cool one \m/
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