IMPALED NAZARENE - Suomi Finland Perkele (LP, orig. pressing)

Tue, 12/09/2017 - 15:24

Their great 1995 album on vinyl.

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  • Excellent!
  • Awesome
  • Thanks!! Yeah you know there aren't many MDB patches out there and this is my favorite.
  • Thank you my friend :) Took a Long time to find all
  • No esta a la venta.
  • Nice patch ! Sounds like you've been looking for this one for a long time.
  • Thanks so much ! That's funny that all these years I never noticed that typo on the tour date.
  • congrats!
  • Thanks mate, cheers
  • Typhoeus glaube nicht. F├╝hlt sich vom Stoff her nicht nach nem Shirt an, eher wie n oldschool Geschirrtuch.
  • Thanks!
  • looool Even changed your comments here, to appear you arent interested. Definittly im happy to not deal with an kid. Che
  • Man I bought that backpatch because it was Nekrofilth! So lame that someone cut the name off.
  • Cool!

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