HELL YEAH found cds of my kind of music

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 19:11

Its actually super hard for me to dins CDs of the music im into (black, doom, gothic, darkwave) where I live. Was picking up a friend in Minneapolis and got a chance to check cd stores. the store Extreme Noise was not Idea cause it was hard devoted to vinyl. Then I found a store called Cheapos. Perfect place was a huge store with lots of leftover backstock of unsold cds with worn out price stickers. And after pouring over their entire metal section I actually found 2 CDs of my kinda music! Trust me I have to buy almost all my cds online cause u cant find this stuff around in america.

Always have been meaning to get Grabesmond albums! Great neoclassical from the Austrian scene. And the first Tidfall brand new unopened original Nocturnal Arts import! Had been sitting around their store for over 16 years unsold! As for Tidfall people dont realize that they were not industrial BM early on and were straight up Emperor / Odium style symphonic Norwegian BM with all the corpsepaint and demonic occult stuff. Though their first album here looks more industrial but the liner art has the pics of them in their corpsepaint gear. This stuff is REALLY good if u like that whole Odium / Carpe Tenebrum sound.

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