A happy ending?

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 18:32

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Anyways,I got to see Chronosphere for the second time on October 7th,got a new sharpie and got my cd signed again (fuck yeah!) but unfortunately one guy left,the lead guitar (the guy who's on guitar but doesn't sing),so I now have only 3 of them,I hope someday to meet again the 4th guy to finally cloe this grotesque circle of misfortunes.

I had the luck to chat a couple of minutes with the drummer,one of the nicest guys I've ever met,he stood there answering my questions and listening to my story of the autographs,really a nice person,glad I met him.

Then I had a couple of words with the vocalist/guitarist who thanked me for supporting them and we talked a bit about the last time I saw them,then same thing with the bassist.

I hope to see them again and again in future because they really fucking thrash and I'd recommend them to all of you guys...


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A happy ending?


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