EXHUMED Gore Metal - A Necrospective 1998​-​2015 Original Silver Vinyl

Sun, 13/09/2015 - 18:29

Comes with a printed insert and digital download code.
Limited to 250 units on Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver Standard Gram (Relapse mailorder exclusive).

Not for sale or trade


gloriousdeath's picture

bon appetit ... looks delicious. hahaha...

NISSE666's picture

Haha, cheers mate!

meaningless's picture

and again..still on my 'to buy' list..haha

NISSE666's picture

Be quick while its still a good price at relapse!
Cheers my friend!

meaningless's picture

thx for the tip..hehe :) but i guess..ill stick with the CD..its ok :) on CD1 is the remasterd/new version..and on CD2 is the original/old mix :)

Nater90's picture

I am currently eating while I look at this....Looks pretty muffed up, Totally checking them out.

NISSE666's picture

Sorry mate : )=
I love that the microwave is on "KILL"

Nater90's picture

All good mate haha, They're pretty awesome.

I think all microwaves need a Kill function!

NISSE666's picture

True words : )=

dubtribe's picture

Wow the cover is sick haha ...

NISSE666's picture

It sure is! : )=

Metalmate's picture

So did they replay the whole album? Is it better than the original version? (which I love)

NISSE666's picture

No i don't think so!

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Recent Comments

  • Thanks! Im a big fan of 3D Pins!
  • How about...Best CC album with George on it :-)
  • Absolutely bloody disgusting, great look!
  • Perfect layout! The chain trim and detachable pouch are a nice touch.
  • You have some great stuff. The 3D effect of this pin is perfect!
  • \m/ Moonsorrow! Nice patch holder.
  • The colors are rad, very nice patch!
  • Hell yes, full flames! I've been wanting to do something similar on a brown sueded leather jacket.
  • Great patch!
  • Pink pentagram is a nice touch. You should post a photo with the collar so we can see those pins.
  • Damn good paint!
  • Wow you know your stuff!! Ever checked out William Blake's paintings and etchings?
  • Haha must be a common saying no matter where you live.
  • Ah yes I remember looking at it. Doesn't look to bad.
  • i was just looking at that backpatch earlier this morning, what a coincidence! :)
  • could not have said it better myself, so nice to see advent sorrow getting some love.


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