Dark Angel - Darkness Descends (Test Pressing)

Wed, 15/02/2017 - 23:20

As those that collect vinyl, you know these things don't have much to them when it comes to the cover, but some collectors go nuts over them, I got this back in the day from a guy who collected these things, I have never played it so it's mint.

It's on Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc. a very well known company that did this back then,I did some research and the only way of knowing it's title is by the serial # 88561 - 8114 - 1 - B
I looked it up on discogs and there the 1 before the B is a 2 on the actual release.

I'm willing to give this up.
Sorry for the bad pic of the serial # but it's the best I could do.

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respect..very nice collector item


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  • Nice jacket, bruh!
  • Size L. Thanks for flames!
  • Agreed, this seller on eBay I got most of my patches had them both.
  • see the [Ask about a trade or sale] link at the top? CLICK IT... its in RED and UNDERLINED
  • is this shirt sold please? thanks!
  • Is the shaping diy?
  • At first I was gonna replace my damaged back patch with it, but it would've ruined the structure of my vest.
  • +5 for cool battle jackert)
  • Shining is are GAY(c) Seth Putnam From AxCx
  • Looks killer!
  • Ohh so jealous you scored this!!!! Awesome shirt mate!!
  • Thanks !
  • Be persistent and you'll find one .
  • It's small for sure, I mean it's completely woven but it's almost a huge patch vs a proper back patch.
  • excellent!
  • Full flames here!