Cynic ‎– Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings

Tue, 12/09/2017 - 12:00

Cynic ‎– Uroboric Forms - The Complete Demo Recordings
Century Media ‎– 88985355381
Vinyl, LP, Clear
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Clear
All Media, Compilation
CD, Compilation
All Media, Limited Edition, Remastered

A1 Uroboric Forms
A2 The Eagle Nature
A3 Pleading For Preservation
A4 Lifeless Irony
A5 Thinking Being
A6 Cruel Gentility
B1 Denaturilizing Leaders
B2 Extremes
B3 A Life Astray
B4 Agitating Affliction
B5 Once Misguided
B6 Weak Reasoning
B7 Dwellers Of The Threshold
C1 Uroboric Forms (Alternative Version)
Vocals – Brian DeNeffe
D1 The Eagle Nature (Alternative Version)
Vocals – Brian DeNeffe
CD-1 Uroboric Forms 3:48
CD-2 The Eagle Nature 3:28
CD-3 Pleading For Preservation 5:03
CD-4 Lifeless Irony 4:08
CD-5 Thinking Being 4:53
CD-6 Cruel Gentility 4:32
CD-7 Denaturilizing Leaders 3:47
CD-8 Extremes 2:30
CD-9 A Life Astray 2:45
CD-10 Agitating Affliction 3:39
CD-11 Once Misguided 3:00
CD-12 Weak Reasoning 3:38
CD-13 Dwellers Of The Threshold 3:59
CD-14 Uroboric Forms (Alternative Version)
Vocals – Brian DeNeffe
CD-15 The Eagle Nature (Alternative Version)
Vocals – Brian DeNeffe

Clear vinyl LP + 7 inch and CD. Gatefold.
Limited to 200 copies.
Nuclear Blast mailorder exclusive.

Not for sale or trade



Very cool album


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  • Cool Vlad Tepes shirt!
  • Got the Nunslaughter from Hells Headbangers
  • It's a printed patch
  • Yeah you're right, love the production on this one!
  • 5 flames for that Testament pin!
  • 100% agreed better work than most of their >2003 outputs in my opinion and production is huuuuge
  • That Tormentor is woven? great bands
  • The Last Supper had a few good tracks, the title track, Desert Rose and Divided Cross. But yeah.
  • Bought it at a show a while back.
  • Danke, aber ich mach im Grunde gar kein EBay und kaufen/ verkaufen auf tss bildet auch eher die Ausnahme. Cheers
  • By an Indonesian friend. Cheers
  • Pure death metal
  • Here's some great footage from the Brisbane show last night............ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcqqguoAvb
  • Yeah it's an awesome album with great doom moments!
  • cool! where did you get that?
  • The beginning made me move into my japanese bathroom. (Oder auf gut deutsch, bin bis ins jaboanische Badezimmer gerückt


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