Borknagar collection COMPLETE

Fri, 10/11/2017 - 22:57

My complete Borknagar collection. All of the albums of theirs that do not venture too far from the archaic black metal source and into the progressive sci-fi elements (galactic space vikings is not so cool :/). I eagarly await to see what the next work of theirs will be like and if they will make another less prog album again.

Not for sale or trade



Can't quite top those first three can they?? :)


Thats true!

Though I would be happy if they were to just release a new album with more traditional neo-pagan lyrics like the old days. Thats why I like Origin is the folk elements blended with the more harmonious lyrics kinda brought back the Borknagar I loved for a bit.

Heres hoping they do it again.

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