Barren Cross - Rock for the King

Mon, 20/03/2017 - 01:23

Some quality Christian metal right here! For fans of Lizzy Borden, Maiden, and early Queensrÿche.

Not for sale or trade


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Recent Comments

  • A hell of an album and shirt!
  • Great shirt!!
  • Great pics.
  • Excellent dude. That was like a dream come true for you then eh, knowing how much you love UFO.
  • Great patch.
  • Thank you :)
  • They were touring with Grave Digger as well, right?
  • Awesome! Where'd you find that gem?
  • Cool!
  • Three man army, sir lord Baltimore, budgie, taste, I love all those bands too insane jacket u got there I seen on your p
  • i didnt brother, really :) I always like to ear the "good criticism" helps me to improve as an patch designer
  • I need this in my life
  • i know what you mean, i was debating it and i'm still on the fence about it.
  • I got it from R21
  • Dont get me wrong, its still a sweet patch!!!
  • wow, kreator for the support... i remeber a concert with Celtic Frost. Helloween is playing the support part.


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