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90s cds

Thu, 19/03/2020 - 21:18

I have all those cds doubles so its time to sell them.
Pm for details...

Emperor - Wrath of the tyrant / wild rags 1995 SOLD
Dimmu Borgir - For all tid / No fashion 1995 SOLD
Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast / Cacophonous 1996
Behemoth - Sventevith / Last episode 1996
Satyricon - Dark medievl times / Moonfog 1994
Satyricon - Nemesis divina / Moonfog 1996
Immortal - Diabolical fullmoon mysticism / Osmose Productions 1992
Kampfar - s.t EP / Season of mist 1996
Kampfar - Mellom skogkledde Aaser / Napalm Records 2006
Kampfar - Norse / Hammerheart Records 1998
Summoning - Minas morgul / Napalm records 1995 SOLD
Enslaved - Frost / Osmose Productions 1994
Thyrfing - Valdr galga / Hammerheart Records 1999 SOLD
Forlorn - s.t EP / Head not found 1996
Cradle of filth - Dusk and her embrace / Music for nations 1996
Falkenbach - ...En their medh riki fara... / No colours 1996
Falkenbach - Ok nefna tysvar ty / Napalm records 2003 SOLD
Mactatus - Provenance of cruelty / Napalm revords 1998
Ancient - Svartalvheim / Listenable records 1997
Deicide - Legion / R/C records 1992
Amorphis - Karelian isthmus / Nucler blast - Relapse 1993
Morbid angel - covenant / Earache records 1993
Morbid angel - Blessed are the sick / Earache records 1991
Morbid angel - Blessed are the sick / Earache records 1991
Cannibal corpse - The bleeding / Metal blade records 1994 SOLD
Behemoth - Zos kia cultus / Avantgarde music 2002
Grave - Morbid ascent Century media 2013
Avsky - Mass destruction / Humanitys plague productions 2007
Sear Bliss - Phantoms / ii Moons 1996
Satyricon - Shadowthrone / Moonfog 1994
Entombed - Left hand path / Earache 1990
Cannibal Corpse - Vile / Metal Blade 1996
Cryptopsy - Ungentle exhumation

Sale only
90s cds
90s cds
90s cds

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  • Nice patches
  • haven’t been around too long, so i don’t remember lmfao.
  • Cool name as a biologist haha
  • Yeah I just saw that most recent one on ebay.de. It sold a week ago for like €50 I think.
  • Got it from IPR666 Shop.
  • thanks! the original is nice, its on ebay.de and i’ve seen it for sale quite often. seen this one so little times.
  • Thanks! But this collection is incomplete, I would like to add some oldschool death metal and some thrash buttons.
  • thanks dach!
  • never heard of the band, but cool pin !!
  • Insane collection! Got any info on the cutout purple one in the left corner? Got the same one.
  • Thanks!
  • Yup. Working on it. Last design is in the making out of the 11 total for the run.
  • Was this licensed??
  • yea man it's definitely one of my favorites out of all the morbideath made patches and thanks!
  • yeah mate definitely - all my Portal shirts are either from the band or proper releases like Hells Headbangers or Relaps
  • What are you looking for on this? Hit me up on ig @bulletholevintage
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