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Thu, 02/06/2016 - 23:26
Nice bundles/packages for a fair price. great communication. Real Metal, Real Underground \m/


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  • Gracias! hay algunas cuantas.
  • I bought this when it came out from the record label who pressed it.
  • Where did you get this? I've been hunting this for a while.
  • So epic.
  • Great taste. Where did you get the Mütilation!!!
  • Some good bands. Digging the massive Grateful Dead.
  • Sick as fuck
  • Glad to still see most of the bp!! Brutal update.
  • Perfect.
  • The backpatch kicks ass. Looks good mate.
  • Do you still have this for sale?
  • Agreed, I've been going through the A-Z Black Metal one it's really good.
  • Yeah, encyclopedias are useful when it comes to making discoveries, checking out bands you may not be familiar with, etc
  • Welcome. Oh nice, I got a vibe from it from a Celtic Frost one he did. He's a top notch designer.
  • Most welcome. Nice sounds like a good idea. Plenty around but postage can be ass.
  • Nice, wouldn't mind getting a hold of Metalion's book would be good. Do you like encyclopedias at all?


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