Metal band : Slaughterbox

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Recent Comments

  • Killer record indeed
  • hi Sean thanks for the comment
  • Cool, straight to the essentials
  • nice , never saw that logo before
  • Immerhin hat sies versucht :D
  • Hihi, "Krieger than Krieg"
  • Maybe i hit you the wrong way...i didn't meant to say that when i was 14 all was crap from a todays perspective (in
  • PM'ed you about your gorguts patches
  • It isn't. For example..i play videogames on 8 and 16bit consoles, and i still have very much fun doing so.
  • Nostalgia is an intoxication illusion indeed
  • Well, i like living "in the past". It's so much better than growing up in some cases. Sometimes not.
  • You too though right? Or are you still 14?
  • Thank you! Have I been to Webster Hall? Yeah, tons of times! \m/
  • Nope, Black Metal has grown up, which is a good thing ;)
  • But now you're all grown up and Krieger than krieg... snake skin boots and all.
  • Thanks. And yes.

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