Metal band : Savatage

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Recent Comments

  • One thing has kept me from buying one of these, I hate band pictures on shirts.
  • Hahahahahaha, One to watch with my Mrs snuggling on the couch?
  • Stupid movie... The goat robbed that poor guy and ran off with his rich cousin. Cried once...
  • Fucking amazing as your every upload!! Keep 'em coming you goat herder!
  • im going to watch them today.
  • Right? I like these kind of detailed artworks! Thanks for the flames!
  • yeah man, fantastic movie with an amazing soundtrack, had to get it!
  • Great album!
  • Dafuq did I just see.
  • You are completely right! haha
  • yeah man, pure insanity!
  • I see its a version of their 2016 tour design...
  • Kitten Kutten!!! \m/
  • Killer as fuck band! Great shirt mate.
  • Holy shit! What an amazing looking box set!
  • wow! this is really something! on vinyl!!!!

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