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  • I would prefer the Darkthrone as well, pretty funny though, couldn’t get two bands more different, 50 cent cds...unreal,
  • A lot of really good bands.
  • Yeah sure is, especially the original press of Unchain The Wolves!!
  • Good song. I do like them don't get me wrong Craig but I prefer Darkthrone haha. Our Pub scene is amazing.
  • Hey there you with the sad face....
  • That's a fuckin excellent deal.....bloody hell
  • Yeah that is very true man, Such an iconic sound, it's good that a new sub genre was made but at the same nobody wi
  • Thanks matey!!
  • for me, blasphemy is imitated but never equaled, and better not to take anything new, imagine if something comes out tha
  • Nice fucking find, man.
  • Haha yeah, never knew Mental As Anything were pioneers of Black Metal :)
  • Haha, really!! Unexpected. :P
  • Thanks. Just peeling the stickers off and opened Darkthrone to find a Mental as Anything CD... Fuck.
  • Wow! Nice score!
  • whoever now has this hoodie, I will offer $150 right now for it...
  • sent response buddy about buying


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