Metal band : H8000

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  • Where'd you get the absolut patch? I had to make my own haha
  • Dude hell yeah, great bands
  • Beautiful, dude
  • That came out great dude
  • That back patch hahaha Good vest!
  • Way to honor a legend. And a personal letter from the man himself! Hailz!
  • im going to iron it out
  • Ha I totally understan man.
  • Size?
  • still for sale? What size is it?
  • Definitely!..Thanks Mate!
  • size?
  • full flames man! my kids will be wearing my shirts soon :))
  • Me too. I always see them when they come to the Bay Area!
  • Ficou foda, mas ainda da pra colocar uns pins na gola da jaqueta. Dica: No Aliexpress tem pins do Mercyful Fate e Celti
  • Tell me about it, Canada had some really cool stuff pressed back then that I don't ever recall seeing here in the S
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