Metal band : Falkenbach

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Recent Comments

  • Classic indeed
  • cool pix again !!!! Really need to see BÖC live again... it's been so long ago....
  • ah, daar is al hahaha.... mooi man !!!!!
  • awesome packaging... signed stuff... another one for the want-list !!!!!!
  • ah, damn... that looks good... i need this too !!!!!!!
  • yeah... total kult demotape !!!!
  • Hell Yeah, Deathbox and Skull skates! Props on the So Cal as well, don't see many hot rod patches.
  • Best looking defenders shirt period
  • Remember that I'm still reserving you the welcome to hell stripe...
  • Cool dude! Never seen the purple bordered OZ patch. Vest is looking nice.
  • Holy shit. Love this jacket. SO many great bands and beautifully designed patches!
  • I would do the same.
  • wtf this is awesome
  • Guitars were pretty bad. Weak tone and uninspired riffing. Drums were alright. Not my band, that's for certain.
  • Cool Mexico got one of these too!

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