Metal band : Falkenbach

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Recent Comments

  • That backpatch is so cool. And I also like that exodus logo patch. FUKING THRASH
  • Really? Thats my first pair and they fit perfectly
  • Sorry mate if I might correct you.. This shirt is Nebular Ravens Winter of the Blizzard Beasts album..1997
  • Oh yes! Thanks again :)
  • Thanks alot! It is a bit small mabye, but still a great pin :)
  • Thank you! Would be nice to get the Iron Fist as well :)
  • You did a good job! :)
  • Thanks! This is from Diego in Mexico. I don´t know if he still got a profile here though...Hope you find the patch.
  • That is an amazing, amazing record!
  • Thanks alot!
  • I wish this culture of Respect for the fallen was as common here in Germany aswell!
  • Thank you brother! I like the creative aspect and making it my own!
  • I thought about getting the Immolation pin, but instead bought the grey shirt.
  • Lookin good!!
  • Congratulations then! Frozen Rainbow/Rainbow theme just still has to be my Favorite Saxon Song of all time.
  • https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/bolt-thrower-iv-crusade-og-world-crusade-north-america-1994

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