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  • Oh VHS....How I miss the, Still got a few, Can't go wrong with Pungent!!!
  • Needs more Bolt Thrower.
  • Some good bands, Used to love Manson growing up...He's still ok but prefer others a lot more.
  • Wicked BP.
  • CORPSE MOLESTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need one haha. Wicked as hell bro!!!!!!
  • Nice taste.
  • Ohey matey, Long time no see! Great update, Now send me the Obituary BP you took off, Thanks :*
  • Oh man that BP is epic!!! Great taste.
  • Fucking sick \m/
  • Never seen this one before, Fucking amazing!!!
  • Probably ankle or something, Where it can be covered for work.
  • Definitely, hails!
  • Thanks, it's definitely worth it.
  • Hails! Thanks again.
  • Nice
  • Sorry dude, I snagged this from HowlingMayhem when it went up a couple days ago. This thing is off the market.


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