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  • bad situation with metal music in Lithuania :/ almost all bands are boring. only few albums I can recommend (and they a
  • its woven, iam not sure if its official, i think it came out with the album back in 2005
  • Awesome !!!!!
  • !
  • Speed like the wolf!
  • This one deserves everything! Fantastic! Congrats Mate!
  • Hi No backprint and you can find this shirt here https://grumpymood.bigcartel.com/products I'm friend with the
  • ... und EMP noch als Beilage in der Metal Hammer steckte. Lieferzeit min.
  • im thinking of buying this, got close up pictures?
  • that soad patch looks cool is it official and woven or boot? diggin the vest so far
  • Thank you :) and it’s still in a very good constitution!
  • Cool, looks good !!!!!
  • Very nice...that statue is a savingsbox ??? So you can save money for the next crate of beer...
  • great album and t-shirt
  • Great!!!
  • Damn cool...where did you got that one ???
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