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  • A classic, great band, record an shirt /,,/
  • Looks and fits great, thanks again man!
  • Glad it got there, bro.
  • Fuck yeah!
  • Thanks alot,man
  • Awesome!
  • Oh man I need that Exorcist patch
  • Single greatest shirt I have ever seen
  • The iriginal LS is still the best, but I love the shade of green on this one. Definitely one of their best albums!!!!
  • Fuck....Such an amazing shirt. Man..You can't leave! Love your posts.
  • Great bands, I love the heavy studding on the back as well
  • i think the jacket looks great.never saw those YOB & Dopethrone patches before.I'll have to look around and see
  • Looks pretty decent! Amazing album.
  • Really great album & LS mate!
  • Totally agree, I like the uniqueness and difference you get from each of their albums. All bands have something you can
  • We are just having a laugh mate, Nothing against you.

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