TONY IOMMI - Limited Laney TI100 Amp - Laser Cut Cross

Tue, 25/10/2016 - 18:10

Although this cross is basically a waste product, while laser cutting a grille for an amp,
I bought it for 2,50€ because of the history attached to it.

In 2012 Laney released a new Tony Iommi signature amp (TI100), which costs around 1300€(?).
For a limited time the first amps came with some extra stuff, including this cross,
which was part of Iommi's grille, from one of his tour amps.

You can read and see the rest on the pictures.
Again, nothing spectacular but sorta sweet nevertheless imo.
I'm going to sew it on my vest...good luck charm or mojo enabler - who knows. :P

Not for sale or trade

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